The Challenge

So are you up for a challenge?
It’s kind of like Oxy’s one here
But I though I could do better
So I made my own

Why you ask?

Or maybe because I am bored
Who knows?

If you’re still reading, you probably want the rules and the beginning, right?
Here you go


  1. No doing anything illegal
  2. I am not responsible for anything you do
  3. This challenge contains nothing illegal, so don’t do anything illegal
  4. Unless you are spying on my computer, this might take some time
  5. As host, I can remove you from the challenge whenever I feel like it (Like if you did something illegal for example).
  6. Do not share any part of the challenge here except the answer or hint keywords (If you ask for a hint, and have the correct keyword, I will PM you).
  7. Any non-challenge related posts may be deleted (Like if they tell people how to do something illegal).
  8. These rules are subject to change (Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?)
  9. Don’t make me change the rules because of something illegal your do

How to get started

  1. Maybe I already gave you a clue?
  2. Maybe I did not and you are going to waste the next half hour reading this post?
  3. Maybe it’s right here
  4. Or here
  5. Or maybe here
  6. here?
  7. here.

Yeah, I’m a liar (maybe), some files (You might need it, who knows) is below. Sorry about any capchas, verification you might need, I need to know your not a bot who may do something illegal with it.


topics-with-no-response-infinityfree.htm (177 Bytes)

discourse_server_access_dump_may_fourth_2022.htm (621 Bytes)
Admin, you are going to have to change the extension to “.zip” before you open it, then decode it using the key we agreed on last week (I think the PM was titled “Server Discussion”).


Why there is typos?

I am an idiot. I forgot to merge the hint keywords, so I’m changing it up.

Each user gets 3 hints. To use a hint, reply “HINT” here, then send me a PM with what you are stuck on.

What typos? I don’t see any typos. None whatsoever. Nope, no typos.

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Or may be HERE!!


Updated the download link so you don’t have to share your email with that website. The files are the same.




should be bored?


Ok, that one is an actual typo. Ignore any typos on this forum post, they don’t matter for anything.

Has anyone gotten anywhere yet? Remember that everyone gets 3 HINTS!


nope, your English is very bad and confusing. :smiley: :rofl:

Really? It is still understandable, no?

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Hell NO, it’s like the devil :smiling_imp: uttering some ____

It is better English that jaikrishna.t’s :joy:
not to hurt any feelings or whatever


Did I make it too hard, or are you just not dedicating 100% of your time to figuring it out?

I can’t figure out if it’s a joke, but recently you and @Greenreader9 have been “attacking” each other.


Is this true? I honestly though some of you would be farther…

I have no idea if I’m on the right track nor what should I do :joy:


Ah, look at image #1 again. You missed something.

Edit, you did not. Don’t add my domain to the URL you uncovered. You got part 1, but that is useless without part 2. Keep looking at file #2!

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because of this I thought that domain should be added to the url :joy:

I have no idea - I am confused by these strong dashes and what to do with them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s a different hint. Don’t combine them :slight_smile:

If you want a blank filled in, use a HINT

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