The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key

Username epiz_29604339

I followed all instructions and still wasn’t able to complete the process which is to convert the page from http to https.

Error received is: The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

At first the private key didn’t want to upload and was showing error but eventually stopped so after copy and pasting the certificate the error messaged started showing again.

Any assistance given will be appreciated.

Since this is very vague, read to see if this will help

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did you follow the documentation from here? read the following for installation, it is specific for infinityfree servers:

Then it’s obvious why the certificate won’t upload. The certificate must match the provided private key. If you haven’t uploaded the matching private key, you can’t upload the certificate.

So to fix the certificate, we need to fix the private key upload.

So can you please clarify what error you see when trying to upload the private key?


I’m not seeing an error for both the private key and certificate anymore. When I press submit it doesn’t go to another page but doesn’t show any errors either. The page refreshes itself. On the SSL Certificates page Status states that Valid SSL Is Installed, Issuer GoGetSSL.

However, when I install the plugin Really Simple SSL on Wordpress it states that no SSL are found on the domain. I realize that on some browsers the page loads as https and others its http. I want all pages on the website to load as https.

I did receive a padlock but it was http and not https. At first the private key was showing error after being submitted but it seems to be ok now. Only problem now is after I install the plugin Really Simple SSL on wordpress it states no SSL is found on the domain. I did this because on some browsers the site loads up as http and on others https.

Yes, I followed all the steps here.

Can you please provide your domain name?

You need to do this

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This means the installation was successful.

This is likely caused by the fact that there is no CA chain. That’s a known limitation of free hosting. It doesn’t really affect your website and you can ignore the warning from Really Simple SSL.

If you can access your website at https://(your domain) without errors, it means the SSL certificate was installed successfully. After that, you can force HTTPS for all visitors by following the link shared by @KangJL .

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