The certificate you entered does not match the current private key

The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.


Where did you get your Certificate and Private Key?

Quick guide:

  1. First request a CSR and a private key using the Generate Key/CSR, fill up those forms then Generate.
  2. You’ll see the CSR/Certificate request and your private key after Generating.
  3. Copy the CSR and Private key then paste and request your own Certificate key using/on this site:
  4. After that paste your requested certificate to SSL/TLS Cpanel then Upload.

Correct me if I’m wrong @Admin

free infinity ssl

Read above.

on the infinity client board

Copy your generated key and csr first from the SSL/TLS on your cpanel, then request a signed certificate.


I moved your posts to a new topic. @Jhonathan, please don’t post on topics not related to your issue. Also, don’t generate a new key and CSR if you already have the certificate; follow the instructions here to install it on your hosting account.


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