The certificate does not work without www:


Error Message

The certificate does not work without www:
Hi! I have followed all the steps to install the free SSL certificate, but when I try without the www it doesn’t work:

Check the status and it seems correct: resolves to

Server Type: nginx

The certificate was issued by Let’s Encrypt.

What may be failing?

Sorry, the error is: ha enviado una respuesta no válida.


Its working on mine, with www and without www and you are using wordpress.

Please install a plugin called “Really Simple SSL” to force and overwrite all http requests or visitors into HTTPS without manually putting an https on web browser search box.


is that I still don’t have wordpress installed and the domain name doesn’t respond correctly and hhtps

The domain name seems to be responding correctly. Both @katufo and I see your WordPress site just fine. So this is probably an issue on your end.

Can you try checking the website in private browsing mode, clear your DNS cache and/or try it over a VPN? Or maybe check it from a different device?


Hello, thanks for answering, when I access incognito the same thing happens:

Without WWW

With WWW
(It’s redirecting me to your site without www)

I think your problem is solved
If not maybe the problem is on your side not on the server side


This is mostlikely your ISP/DNS Cache, which makes it easier and faster to get DNS records, however it can be annoying when updating websites. It will work when your isp next flushes their cache, most likely every night.


Hello, thank you, this is how you can finally see


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