The archive file is corrupted

a day ago my website got down it was database connection error that is fixed now but i deleted my website and wordpress installation and installed wordpress again as i had the backup of my site. but now as i upload backup file it gives me this error.

ā€™ The archive file is corrupted.ā€™

im really frustrated and sad cuz i spent alot of time creating this website it had alot of customization as well. i can provide backup files as well if any volunteer can help on their end thanks

Backup plugins rarely work on this hosting, mainly because they get over 10mb really easy.

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file is 9.6mb. It uploads till 100%. and then while checkin compatibility it gives error saying The archive file is corrupted.

please help me to get my site back. I can provide you backup files. would you please try it on your end. please

That may be because of the plugin itself. Can you share what plugin you are using?

I am just someone volunteering here. If you would be willing to pay me (Like a real support agent) I could test it out myself.


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