That's it!

I am going out from infinity free
I just need a way to copy my website files
any topic

Good luck with that, you can’t even copy your website files. :rofl:

I believe the gentleman means he cant access his files from this site due to downtime, not that he doesnt know how. No need to be a smart aleck.

Disgusting that site admins have been crickets and provided bo ETA on when things will be fixed. I realize its a free host but free should not equal “amateur hour”

Huh, didn’t want to sound like a smart aleck. :open_mouth:
I’m just giving my good luck, I think there’s no bad in there.
In-fact, you know why I’m responding so sarcastically? Maybe it would help, if I wasn’t having problems with InfinityFree either, since December of the last year. :wink: Take notes.
Ye ye I know it’s free and stuff. But what’s the point? Problem is, I can’t even delete my host here neither! :rofl:

Could easily host a server locally, and then protect it with Cloudflare, but guess what…
I CAN’T! :grin: That’s the whole problem since Dec, tbf. Because you know, you can’t really host a site, if you’re already hosting it from another provider. That’s how it works.
P.S: Including the fact that I actually need the files that I have here, that’s the main reason why didn’t I cancelled my stuff here, like the OP.

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