Text not showing in text editor

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or degenerate-l;ife.cf

after my site suspension got lifted I got this when I from trying to edit from backend/admin

can someone please help me?

will reinstalling WordPress version delete everything?

I had also been getting this 2 days before

  1. Clear your cache

  2. Use a brand-new browser (No extensions, data)


Incase of reinstalling , Yes you would lose the data same time you can’t update it right away due to File Size Limitation of the IFN Network is 10 MB (This might be wrong as it’s been more than a year since i checked this forum out / Used InfinityFree… You can do a very manual Update if you like to prevent data loss :slight_smile:

Since you’re using both WordPress and Cloudflare, please make sure both are setup correctly to work with eachother:


It was set up correctly becuase I could edit posts from admin the day before it was suspended

Thanks but I sometimes find out having to do it few times before it works

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