Temporary Suspensions

Hello Admin,

I hope all is well.

I was wondering if you could message me privately, with some hints and tips to get round this? It has happened twice this week, unfortunately… We are a non - profit, make nothing from any of our free sites, and we would like to look at our sites to try and stick within the rules…


The resources that your site has over used are :

ep overuse

I have read the e-mail, but it kinda flies over my head, I am not really au faix with the language of techies haha :slight_smile:

EP overuse means entry process over use, that is you broke the limit for entry processes.


If I had any intend to do one-on-one support, I would have set up a ticket system. I don’t and I haven’t. I do public support only.

All I can give you is the link that @Fury_Phoenix already shared. We only log global usage per account. I don’t know why your site hit the limit, we don’t record additional data to explain that.


Yeh I have read that, tells people nothing really does it, or maybe it is a bit too techie orientated, but it offers no help whatsover in how to actually lower them, or why it is happening… Ah well, just thought I would try, bit disappointing really that no definitive instructions can be given on how exactly I can combat this, but these things they are what they are… All our sites are Joomla, we have no idea how to carry out the instructions in that rather vague article using that., We are probably just a victim of our own success…

I will continue to go on, and just learn to live with it… I backup regularly, so when I hit the 40 suspension limit I will just create another account and upload them again…



If you were hoping for a simple step-by-step guide on how to reduce your usage, then I’m sorry. No such guide exist. And I don’t think it’s even possible to create such a guide.

Entry Processes are quite vague. It’s sort of related to a concurrent connection limit. This is usually caused by PHP code, but other web requests can also cause high EP usage. It can be caused by poor code or by high traffic. Or not really high traffic, but high concurrent traffic. But also background requests, like AJAX calls, or processing static content through PHP can result in high EP usage.

From a server/hosting perspective, entry processes make complete sense and are very logical to limit on. After all, you don’t want a short burst of traffic to a single site to affect the whole server. But from a user and developer perspective, it’s very hard to explain.

Really, we’re not purposely keeping you in the dark to get you to upgrade. Entry Processes are just hard to reason about and even harder to reduce.

We can give you a backup too in such cases. Although keeping your own backups is always a good idea.


Hello Admin, I hope all is well…

That would have been perfect, yes… Then we would have been able to ensure our site doesn’t break the rules as best as we can, maybe the account just has too many sites on it??

Ah it says they cannot be recovered if it is suspended 40 times, that is good to know moving forwards…

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If you have many sites on the account, moving some of them to other accounts is definitely a good idea. All websites on the same account use the same pool of resources. So if you have many websites, you’ll have the most server power if you distribute them over your allotment of three accounts.

It cannot be reactivated after 40 suspensions. But it can still be recovered.


Thanks for the clartification Admin

I am currently at the maximum of three sites on my personal account, I did drop a question in here what over a year ago asking if me creating another for my legitimate orgainsation regsitered at Comapnies House here in the UK would break the one account only rule, but nobody got back to me. So I never proceeded and keep them all on the one account. Of course I would like to create an organisation account to spread the load out a bit, but it is not worth getting both accounts suspended for doing it…

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I must have missed that.

The rule is up to three accounts per person. Whether corporate legal entities are different persons are up for debate. But if you need many websites as a company, I would suggest to consider a reseller hosting account too.

As long as the total number of accounts stay within reason, you should be fine.


Thanks for taking the time to help Admin

I have no idea what they are, all of our sites will be non profit, all i am aware of is free plans (I have one) and paid (no budget)??

I am the director and secretary of the organisation, and will be doing the maintaining myself but the content is from elsewhere… I am more than happy to abide by what you decide, I am not out to deceive anybody just get content out…

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In short: a reseller hosting account is a system in which you can create multiple hosting accounts under a single package.

With the reseller account, you’ll get an allocation of storage space, bandwidth and maximum number of hosting accounts. You can then create individual hosting accounts within the reseller account and divide your reseller resources among them. Those individual accounts then function the same as your regular premium hosting account.

Although the name “reseller hosting” implies you have to sell the accounts to others, reseller accounts are also just a convenient way to manage many hosting accounts, and is usually cheaper too.

Maybe you can find a company willing to cut you a special deal for non profit organizations. But we don’t do that.

If you have one personal profile and one company profile, that’s acceptable. But if you intend to operate a large number of sites, free hosting may just not cut it.


Hello Admin, thanks for taking the time to reply…

All that kinda flew over my head, do you guys do these accounts, and if you do, please can you link me to the info??

Yes it will be just the one each, and when I say a lot, I don’t mean as many as some would mean, we are not really talking the Earth, just aiming to spread out where they are to try and stop going over the limits. Thanks for the clarification, it is much appreciated… I will speak to everyone and tell them, and go from there…

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Wait… 3 account limit…?

We don’t offer those ourselves, but iFastNet does offer them under the name “WHM Reseller”. WHM (Web Hosting Manager) is the reseller/admin interface of cPanel.

I would think the hard cap of 3 accounts in the client area is a pretty clear indication that we don’t want you to create more accounts than that.

The hard cap is there because the limit is 3 accounts per person. If we were OK with letting you create more than that, we wouldn’t have set a three account limit in the client area.


Hi Admin, thanks for replying.

I don’t understand a word of that really, so I will leave it I reckon… I will be registering the organisations account soon, but I will be using a personal e-mail address, as your e-mail, well it is what it is, and I would never dare rely on it to sign up with anything… We will then be trying to loosen the load by spreading our content out. Our main site is one of the ones we move as well, so the e-mail will be wrong anyway, I will just use mine.

Is there any help for us in migrating the sites, if we tell you which ones we would be migrating from one account to the other?? Thanks…

cPanel is the hosting control panel for iFastNet’s premium hosting (and the majority of hosting providers in general). WHM basically gives you the option to create multiple hosting accounts from a single interface.

That’s probably a good idea. We sort-of ban the use of email addresses of domains which are also hosted with us because it makes it so easy to lock yourself out of your own account.

Not really.

Basic procedure is: download site from old account, remove domain from old account, add domain to new account, upload website to new account.

We don’t have tools to help make this faster or easier.


Hi Admin, thanks for replying…

I was hoping you could just transfer them without us having to download them all, then upload them?? Both accounts will be on your servers, no need for it to go to mine just to move it??

The article doesn’t really apply, as we are not changing provider??

I’m sorry, but again, we don’t have any tools or means to help move sites between accounts quickly.

The process between moving a website between two accounts here and from an account at one hosting provider and at another is not really any different. In both cases you need to move the files and databases by hand.


Hi Admin, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Both your servers are in the same location, is it not possible for you guiys to just move them from server to server, rather than us take them from server, to our machine, back to server?? We are just the middle man, there is no need for us to get involved no?? You can just move them from your server to your server?

Why is that not possible?


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Just to confirm, Paul you are trying to move to premium hosting?