Temporarily Suspended for CPU Limit

Hello, I had a problem on the site today. Today I saw that the above error appeared and the site was suspended. Please help me to fix it.

Login to your infinity account and click on the deactivation history section there, you can get more detailed information and ask questions to the infinity official.


Please go to your account in the client area and click “learn more about this limit” to, you know, learn more about the limit.

If you’re asking us to tell you exactly what to do to prevent getting suspended again, then please read the article again to understand what we can and can’t help you with.

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ve hesabın 24 saat sonra geri açılır ancak sisteme çok fazla yüklenirsen gene 24 saatliğine kapanır.

Translation by a moderator: and your account will be restored after 24 hours, but if you load too much on the system, it will be shut down for 24 hours.

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