Temporarily Disable/Enable SSL?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Secure Connection Failed

Other Information

How to install an SSL certificate - Docs - InfinityFree Forum implied that some browsers may have problems.

The site works on some of my browsers but not all.

Is there a painless way I can Temporarily Disable the SSL and days later re-Enable SSL?
An On/Off button would be sweet.

Worst case, Delete Certificate and maybe layer Upload Certificate again? But I’d have to save the Certificate text?

Save the cert in a txt file on your machine

So Save the Cert text; click Delete Certificate; then later just re-paste and Upload Certificate?
LOLz I sound so noob.

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If you got the SSL certificate through our client area, you can just delete the certificate from the control panel, and copy it from the client area later on.

There is no on/off switch for SSL because there isn’t really a point to it. Having an SSL certificate installed doesn’t prevent you from only making your website accessible on http://, and removing an SSL certificate doesn’t force all HTTPS traffic to HTTP. In fact, if you want to redirect HTTPS traffic to HTTP, you need a working SSL setup.

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Thanks to both SirEpiclyDeveloper and Admin.

First I deleted the certificate and copied it to a file, but it is still in the client area so I didn’t really need the copy.
Then I removed the .htaccess where I was forcing all traffic to https.
This was fine.

Apparently all I needed to do was stop forcing traffic to https with the htaccess as Admin alluded to.


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