Tag img src

Hello! I would like a little help!
I have a secondary account to save images for a website!
And I’m trying to use the img src html tag in the main account’s html code and the image looks broken!
Can you guide me somehow?
If the image link https://www.apk-store-br-img-01.rf.gd/apps/gerenciadores/arquivos/es-file-explorer/es-file-explorer-1.png.
I thank the attention


Note that file hosting is not allowed here. Additionally, this security system may be the cause of some of your troubles.


This is not going to work. Hotlinking to files hosted with us is not possible due to the security system Greenreader9 linked to.

If you don’t want to host images on your main hosting account, please use an actual file/image hosting service or CDN for this, instead of abusing a website hosting account for image hosting.


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