Table 'performance_schema.session_variables' doesn't exist

in the mysql upgrade you are missing the
none of us have access to it

@C0r3y2244 Welcome,
What do you mean? Can you give me more info?

happens when they upgrade the mysql
running: mysql_upgrade -u root -p --force
should fix it some scripts cant run properly without the performance_schema.session_variables

You cannot run root commands on free hosting.

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i know im talking about the actual people that run the service

Who are the actual people who run the service? Is that the admin or someone else?

im unsure i posted hoping an admin might see it and relay the message

What do you want the server Admins to do? (And Admin is not the admin, only iFastNet admins can access that stuff).

You cannot run that command here, you should buy a premium plan if you really need to use it.

we had access to it before the upgrade
and like i was saying i was hoping admins here could relay the info to the ifast network admins since they piggy back off them

No admin will change server configuration just for one person.

ur missing the point its not a config its a bug when upgrading the mysql version

Oh sorry I misunderstood :joy:. So that might just happen to one person stullt though?

lol no worries it would be a problem with everyone since it wont exist or is corrupted
but most wont notice it depends on what exactly people need certain scripts require it
it was working fine before they did the mysql server update from 5.6 to 5.7

Oh sorry again. I don’t know much about MySQL.

If there is an issue, I can ask iFastNet to fix it.

Can you please explain what issue you see exactly? What effect does this issue have on you or your site?

If I know what the issue is, I’d be a lot easier to convince them than if they were told “just run this command”.

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its just a table that comes with all mysql servers by default but when upgrading the server its a bug that causes it to get corrupted or removed and certin scripts require it to be there like Invision Power Board

So can you please explain how does this (supposed) issue affect your website?

We’re not going to spend time fixing issues that don’t affect anyone. If you say that this issue affects you, can you please explain in what way?

Which script do YOU use that requires this? How do you see that this is the case?

for me personally its any forum software especially ipb the tables are required to make any administrative changes to the site was going to set one up and upgrade the hosting if it started to use alot of resources

also non related question if i did upgrade would i be able to keep the domain i rather like it

If you’re using IP.Boards, why are you using free hosting in the first place? It’s $175 forum software. If you can spend that kind of money on your site, spending a bit on premium hosting should be a no brainer.

And if you didn’t pay that, please remember that we do not allow, let alone support, pirated software on our hosting.

If you upgrade, your entire hosting account will be migrated, including any free subdomains on it.