Sysvsem module for Sympony 5.2


I have uploaded a phpinfo file to check the PHP modules and I have seen that sysvsem is not installed for PHP 7.4. Can I conclude Symfony 5.2 can’t run in this host?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve never heard of this module, so I had to check the PHP docs to see what it did: PHP: Introduction - Manual

Semaphores may be used to provide exclusive access to resources on the current machine, or to limit the number of processes that may simultaneously use a resource.

This module provides also shared memory functions using System V shared memory. Shared memory may be used to provide access to global variables. Different httpd-daemons and even other programs (such as Perl, C, …) are able to access this data to provide a global data-exchange. Remember, that shared memory is NOT safe against simultaneous access. Use semaphores for synchronization.

This module seems like it would be a very bad idea on any shared server. If we give accounts permission to mess with system memory and processes, it becomes very hard to enforce resource and security constraints and prevent people from harming other sites on the server.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the module works, but I don’t see any way such a module could be run on any kind of web hosting service.

I also don’t think Symfony requires it. Looking at the technical requirements, there is no mention of this module: Installing & Setting up the Symfony Framework (Symfony Docs)

So, to answer your question, I do think that Symfony 5.2 can run here. But I’m not sure if your Symfony application can run here if it requires manipulating system resources. You’ll probably need a VPS for that.


Thank you very much. Such a wonderful support!
The issue was the value for LOCK_DSN=semaphore in the .env file

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