Syntax Error - Addon Domain


I am trying to add a as an addon domain, however I am getting an error a syntax error.

  • I was able to add a domain about a week ago without any issues.

Is this a bug + is it being looked at?


I think the max dots in a domain are two. Domains like yours only face this error.

its weird as I was able to add a domain that ended with about a week ago, so it is a new issue. is the standard domain extension in the united kingdom is technically a subdomain. If I remember correctly, the “Addon Domains” section only accepts TLDs (one dot). I could be wrong, however.

You cant add it as a subdomain, I have previously added addresses in the addon domain section. This seems to be a new issue.

It used to be possible before, but I think the validation logic was changed recently after some issues were found. I think that this bug may have been introduced with that change.

I’ve asked iFastNet to fix it.


Thank you so much! This seems to be working now

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