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Excuse me, I have a web page that performs an oauth authentification but unfortunately the time of the InfinityFree server is ahead than the google time server. this cause communication errors
how can i do to solve?

thank you

Public NTP | Google Developers

please @Admin to solve it like this

I just checked the date of your account and it looks fine. Please note that the servers are set to EST by default (UTC-4), but you can override that with PHP or .htaccess rules.

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no, earlier it was almost 1 hour ahead

Yes, we know, but now it is correct. See a demo:

Are you saying it was 1 hour ahead. Meaning it’s good now? Or isn’t it?

As far as I can tell, the issue is resolved now. That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before, because it may have been fixed already before I saw your post.

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