symlink function not working on infinity free ??

i am trying to run this function on the server but it didn’t work

i need to make symbolic link to the directory because i need to link storage folder in laravel Project

It’s not possible to create symlinks on a free hosting account for security reasons (e.g. circumventing open_basedir restrictions to access files at other places), so that function has been disabled for security reasons.

Normally, Laravel requires symlinks to make it possible to link to files in the storage folder, which is normally not web accessible, However, on InfinityFree it’s not possible to upload files outside web accessible directories to begin with. So if you website is available at, you could just set up a simple redirect from to

Admittedly, that’s not an ideal solution. But you should know that Laravel was not designed with shared hosting in mind, and generally doesn’t play very well on it.

thank you for your response