Switching from hostinger to IF

I have a wordpress hosting on hostinger, that site (wordpress) is so small that i I am wasting my money on buying hosting. I want to import the site to infinity free without losing any data or settings, is there any proper way to do that ?

Here is an article to help you migrate your website to free hosting:


I saw that but it was not particularly written for the wordpress site migration it was for normal static sites

Isn’t there a plugin for this ?

There is also a part where it talks about the MySQL database migration, so after you uploaded the website files from your old hosting to free hosting, you need to use phpMyAdmin on the old hosting to export the database backup, then create the database on free hosting through the Control Panel, access the new database’s phpMyAdmin and import the backup, then update the wp-config.php file with the new database connection details.

It’s not recommended to use backup plugins because they will cause more problems than benefits on free hosting.


Seems complicated :smiling_face_with_tear:

As I am in hostinger I haven’t really accessed those stuff

Well, Hostinger’s KB has an article on how to access it from there as well:


Is there a doc on it ?

WordPress has its own documentation for moving sites:

As for updating wp-config.php, the information is in the article already linked to you by @JxstErg1:


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