Switched Nameservers To New Host.... Keeps Redirecting To iFastNet Suspended Domain in different Territories


Recently I added my domain trueplayav.com to an account in infinityfree to try it out. In looking at the forum, the recent event of the suspendeddomains error delayed the website development. So in order not to lose time, I redirected my nameservers in GoDaddy to a new host and I was able to get the new site visible from my end in the US. But unfortunately, a buddy of mine in a different country (serbia) cannot access the site (even when clearing web cache and dns cache on his computer), as it keeps pointing back to iFastNet suspendeddomains, even though the nameservers no longer point to epizy. It’s also been 2 days now and still no difference. Is there possibility that our site redirection is still cached to the epizy servers? Would like to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Most likely this is because the domain has not fully propagated. It can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate.


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