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I’m hosting a private community wiki with InfinityFree, and I need some help with SVG support as I do not know if SVG Rendering is supported by free accounts. Are any of the following supported by free accounts:

  • librsvg
  • Batik
  • Inkscape

SVG rendering is done by the viewer. On a website, that’s typically the web browser. In the end, and SVG image itself is just XML data, so you don’t really need anything server side to generate such images.

The software you listed are not installed on free hosting servers, because most of those are GUI tools to create SVG images. You can use software like that to create SVG images on a Linux desktop, but they have no place on a server.

If you want to generate SVG images on your website, you could do that server side (with PHP) or client side (with Javascript).

Googling “php svg” shows me these libraries that can help generating SVG images from PHP. Both of them don’t require any external libraries, so can probably be used without any problems here:


Sorry, I was referring to SVG to PNG rendering, do free accounts allow that?

Just to clarify something: we “allow” almost everything but that doesn’t mean we have the tools to actually do it. The right question to ask is not “is it allowed” but “is it possible” or “is it supported”.

If you just want to show SVG images on your website, we couldn’t prevent you from doing that if we tried. Modern browsers can render SVG images, so anything that can serve the SVG files from disk can show SVG files on your website.

If you need to convert the images server side, it becomes more tricky. A quick Google search shows me that the Imagick library is necessary for this (and that it has some quirks), but we don’t have that one, so you can’t do that on our servers.


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