Sv1.scriptinstall rocks

i get this warning when trying to install wordpress

This site has been reported as unsafe

Hosted by

Microsoft recommends you don’t continue to this site. It has been reported to Microsoft for containing phishing threats which may try to steal personal or financial information. ### Website URL

(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)

Error Message

(please share the FULL error message you see, if applicable)

Other Information

(other information and details relevant to your question)

Microsoft is wrong. Softaculous is perfectly safe as far as I know and I don’t see why Microsoft, or whoever reported this site to them, believes otherwise.

The page you’re looking at has the option to report a false positive. Please do that, the more people flag it as false positive the more likely Microsoft will be to remove Softaculous from their list.


ive done that but still to no avail. i keep getting the same thing, im about to pull my hair out i tell ya!! so what do i do til they fix this

“See more” or “Advanced” then “Proceed Anyways”


“More information”, then “Continue to the unsafe site”.

Alternatively, use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


i have done that all. when i hit proceed anyways it GOES BACK TO FIRST WARNING. Ive tried chrome and edge

omg it worked on internet explorer finally!!! thank yall for everything :grinning: :grin:

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Glad to hear it worked out! Seeing “Internet Explorer” was a shock though, I suppose when nothing else works what choice do you have…

I’ve reported the site as a false positive to Microsoft and hope that the issue will be resolved on Edge soon. No idea why you got the warning on Chrome, as it isn’t affiliated with Microsoft it shouldn’t have given it, although perhaps the site is also flagged incorrectly in Google.

true. it was the ohly one that worked cause trust me it was my last resort

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Google Chrome and Firefox both make use of Google’s Safe Browsing data set, which doesn’t have our Softaculous installation flagged as malicious. Internet Explorer is old and is lacking many modern security features, including checking URLs against a central service.

So only Edge users should see this error, because that’s the only browser using Microsoft’s bad URL database.


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