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Hi, It says that I reached the usage limits, how can I reverse this suspension (I dont mind paying for a subscription)

Please read this:

best way to do its to compress your files, do not upload bigger files, do not upload too much of resources, images, files etc…

Ok, is there a way I can purchase a subscription or something to get rid of it?

Hello there,

What usage limit did you hit exactly? Could you please specify?

Also for all I know if you only hit some usage limits, it should only show a message that your site will be reactivated in 24 hours and since you received a message like the screenshot you provided it seems like your site was suspended due to abuse? if so then you will need to create a support ticket and ask the staff how you might be able reactivate your site again and why they suspended it.


It says its a copyright complaint on my site now, is there a way to find out what content contains copyrighted material

You will need to create and submit a support ticket then and ask them about this “copyrighted” material which is available and can be found in your site and ask them if your site can still be reactivated. Just to let you know though sometimes site that got copyright claimed aren’t eligible to be reactivated again.

Alright, I’ll use the support ticket. This can be closed now

Even if you pay for a subscription, you can’t post copyright material. It’s illegal and will get removed and banned.


Where do you see that? Because the screenshot shows nothing of the sort.

It says your account was suspended for “abuse”. It doesn’t say anything about usage limits, because it doesn’t mean you hit the usage limits.

This is something the screenshot does say: submit a support ticket if you want to know more. And, judging by the “View Support Ticket” button, you already did that.