Hi guyz
Created New subdomain & uploaded files today,
linked the NEW website, from the Exisiting websites.
Will this trigger a Suspension,
and if so how long will it take to initiate ?
2weeks ago ALL my sites were suspended, and then Amin reinstated then all stating it was a False-Postive .
Will this happen again in a few days time ?

None of us has an answer to that,
because the security system is a secret, and it depends on when and where it is currently “scanning”, and the rest depends on the human factor and the quality of that person’s judgment.

So your answer is in the range of
maybe nothing happens - maybe in the next 3 seconds you will be suspended.


Ok Thanx.
2 Fantastic Story lessons on one of your website pages x

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Looks nice :slight_smile:
btw. update your FF (Firefox/107)
it should be v111.

Yes i know thanx
Im using: First Party Isolation (FPI)