Suspension / reactivation emails keep sending to my old Email account

That’s something weird i noticed today.
I had my site suspended for some times. While i didn’t receive any warning emails about that and i just received emails about site suspension and reactivation at my new email account. I was checking my old email account (which i registered IF with it first) and i noticed all the Warning emails were in this email account, Which they had to be at my new email account inbox or spam one?

Why do i recieve these warning on old email instead of new one?

thanks in advence :slight_smile:

edit: I keep editing it.

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The reason fo this is that your client area email address is not necessarily the same as your hosting account contact email address. You can view and update your hosting account’s contact email through the Update Contact Email section in the control panel.

When you create a new account, the contact email is set to your client area email address at that time, but when you change the client area email, your hosting accounts are not automatically updated.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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