Suspension and Support tickets immediately closed with no reply


Account shows as “suspended for abuse”. Guidance says to raise a Support ticket to ask why or request reactivation. When I do this, I get notice that the Support ticket has been immediately closed, and receive no other information.

This was a simple flat Web site hosting neutral content. Perhaps it was compromised in some way, but just need some information on how to reset! - and apparently no way to reach Support.

Immediate closing of the ticket, as you say, is a sign that you just can’t host the content here. I may be wrong!

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Admin will be able to give you more information when he comes online.

In the meantime, please do not jump to conclusions (@jaikrishna.t)

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Site run quite happily for months with no changes in content (by me anyway!) but was then deactivated without notice a couple of weeks back.

We discovered phishing content on your website. We have a strict zero tolerance policy towards phishing, which is why we cannot reactivate your account, cannot give you a backup of the website, or cannot provide any further details.

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