I to be honest don’t know want went wrong with the website. I just bought a new domain added It. It directed me here. Then I deactivated, and created the accounts like 3-4 times more deactivating and creating again and again, but still it redirected me to the same page. I don’t know what to do.

Please refresh your cache [Control f5] as your website is working fine from here!

Your domain still have the default homepage.

You will need to add your own index.html inside the htdocs, or upload your website html files the inside htdocs. If you need a Wordpress, simply navigate to Control Panel > Softaculous > Wordpress > Install > Quick Install


It still says 404 couldn’t find page even after i uploaded my own file

Clear your browser caches and revisit your website again.

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Your website outputs the following

Hello Hadeed, Laiba, and Faris

It seems to be working, hit control f5 to clear your cache


But I have cleared my catche still It shows the same 404 error. Is there something in my region

What URL are you trying to access? What is the exact URL?

I just bought this domain like 5 hours ago.
Im using this domain only

Funny, can you try clicking the below link.
Rather than entering it in your browser

Still the same bro

Try using an incognito tab, if that doesn’t work then you’ll just have to wait, I can’t speed it up.

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Yeah still the same. Is there something wrong with my region or did infinity banned my ip lol?

Nah I doubt it, What country are you browsing from If you don’t mind saying.

Tbh I have another website hosted on infinity
Its working fine…i dk whats wrong with this one

Okay, I’m going to check your website from an IP address in Pakistan, back in a minute

can you visit this version of the address and say what you see


It worked but wtf? Why not from simple shophappydesires. com

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Oh dang i just realised that as well, I see your domain shows but not on the main domain.
I am going to check the DNS Records