SuspendedDomain - Automatic Redirect Possible?

I am relatively new to website management, and I find that I am receiving suspensions on my site after I make any large changes. I have a solution in mind, but I am not sure if it’s possible.
In a nutshell: my site is an online store, and I have my products listed there. However, I also have products listed on a separate, third party site. In instances where my main website is suspended (or reroutes to the Special offer and Discount Coupon page), I would like users to automatically be redirected to the third party site.
I imagine there may be something I can do with the site’s coding to make this happen, but I’m not sure where to start.
Any leads or ideas you can provide would be great!
On a related note - I am wondering if there is a way to be alerted by email when I am close to exceeding my maximum CPU usage, so that I can more easily know when to stop editing my site to avoid future suspensions.

I hate to break it to you, but it would be impossible. This is because when your hosting account is suspended neither the account or any code runs at all which is basically the point.


It depends and can only be done manually. What type of domain are u using?

I’m using a free domain.

It cannot be done then.
If u hv custom domain, CF page rule will help to redirect


The short answer is: you can’t customize what happens to your website if it is suspended.

This is done intentionally. After all, if someone would try hosting a phishing site here, and we suspend that site for phishing, we don’t want to give the phisher the opportunity to just redirect all the traffic to another phishing site.

Of course, for someone who just hit the daily limits, it’s a bit less relevant, but in the end a suspension is a suspension regardless of the reason.


I believe you get an email if you use 50% of your daily resources.


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