Hi infinityfree support
I would like to Ask why my subdomains Still suspended m’y main domaine got suspended for like 30s but started working again but the subdomains did not
Pls i have nothing Bad in the websites so m asking for a fix for this
Thanks for understanding

Please check client area for the reason.
None of us can help you here


Thanks they are active now
IS it normal for the FTP to stop working After the suspension ?

FTP should stop working during suspension


Hi infinityfree support
My accounts were working fine they got suspended for like 1 min they went online back
But the FTP is not working it doesnt even connect
Not only for one account but for all the domains it shows ( could not connect to

Please provide ftp logs


I already did all the steps but nothing works
It try to connect to and it fail even if it retry

And about the FTP log m on free hosting which doesnt have an FTP log

Websites are active now but the FTP isnt

If you’re still having trouble using FTP after your account is reactivated, please try the steps from this article first.

And next time, if you have followup questions, please just ask them in the topic. Please don’t create a new topic in addition to asking the question in the first topic.

The article KangJL linked to tells you what to do. It’s our article, if we wrote it, it means it works with our hosting.

Please read the article. If you did, you would know that it is about client logs, not server logs.


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