Can i know why my website suspended , theres not CPU limit issues
it say abuse , i just create 2 account for me and for my brother
we here just to learn web design. Do you guys know when it will be reactivate?

You need to send a support ticket so that they will reactivate the account if they didn’t find something which violates the Terms of Service.


Also, Generally, If it was EP, Or CPU usage, then it will be reactivated after 24 hours, however in a more serious case of Abuse, you will have to, as Ergastolator1 has said above, Submit a support ticket.


they find my WebShell , but i used that just for easy manage file.

Webshells are highly prohibited, as they allow access to the actual server, and maybe running commands, I highly doubt your account will be reactivated, use a file manager or something, as webshells are used for exploits within the PHP code.

Also… Webshells instead of use an ftp based system, they go directly into the actual server, and in some rare cases override the permissions

WHAT IS A WEBSHELL ? A WebShell is a piece of code or a script running on a server that enables remote administration. While often used for legitimate administration purposes, it is also a favorite tactic used by malicious actors in order to gain remote control of internet-facing web servers.


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