My website got suspended and I want to reactivate it so that I can continue and fix my php files from sending too many Entry Process
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You need to wait 24 hours until the suspension is removed successfully in order to use the hosting account again. We can’t reactivate the account right after it was suspended.

Is there a way to get my files while it is suspended?


I think if you ask staff

Maybe … cuz I would like to have my files and continue editing it while the website is suspended

Can I request for my files ?

I think yes

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If yes then I should wait for the admins reply .

Ask using support ticket

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If I click Create New Ticket it just redirect me to client panel page

Can you send screenshot?

Click create new ticket

It just bring me back to client area

Login on

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That sorts out . Thanks!

Please note that the ticket system on is hidden for a reason. With the reason being that we don’t monitor the ticket box in the control panel. So any tickets submitted through it will not get any answer.

If your account is suspended for hitting a daily limit, we will not generate any backups for you. After all, your account is automatically reactivated after 24 hours, after which you’ll have full access to make backups again.

The entire process for you to notice the suspension, submit a ticket, us to pick up the ticket, generate the backups, send you download links, and then for you to download the backups, can easily take longer than that. And we’re not going to spend time to get you backups 30 minutes earlier than you would have otherwise.


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