I want to remove my site from your system
because your damn system seems to be suspended because of iFastNet
I also cannot delete my accounts
my website remained so
Even though I changed the DNS record, it still seems to be registered on the ifast net.

my hosting delete please

I guess you’ve reached one of limits that’s suspended for 24 hours. You can remove your hosting account after your site activation.


you liars

Due to legal reasons even after deactivating hosting accounts, they can’t (and won’t) be deleted until at least 60 days afterwards. They won’t be deleted earlier, even if you request then to be.


I can clearly see that your account is deactivated and that there is no more domain name assigned to your account. So whatever is happening to your site, it’s not caused by your hosting account still having references to it, and it will not be fixed by fully deleting the account.

Speaking of which, could you perhaps explain what the actual issue is on your site, so maybe we can try to help you fix it in a way that actually works?

If the issue is that your domain is redirecting you to, please check see this knowledge base article:

This section should explain why you get this error. Spoiler: deactivating your domain name caused this issue, and deleting your domain will not change anything.


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