Suspended website

My website gets suspended immediately I get visitors landing on the page… On C-panel, daily usage is nowhere near the threshold … Is this how infinityfree operate??..

For some of us, we need a few traffic that’ll convert to leads and then we upgrade our web-hosting plan… how are visitors going to convert when they see a suspended website???..

The only luck I and some of your infinityfree users is that we take the time to manually backup and download our website content…

What is the suspension reason?


Is it about the same domain from this topic ?


You’re temporary suspended for overusing resources and I’m not even near 1GB of daily usage

Please check client area for exact reason


Not at all… this( is the domain suspended… I recently bought this( and made a 301 redirect from universal family…
I just removed the 301 redirect to copy a few things and then I also got a notification of 4 active users on the site and then boom… infinityfree says your account has been suspended for overusing resources… For 4 users??

I checked your account and I see it has been suspended once for hitting the EP limit two days ago. Just once.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim you understand how suspensions work and how we operate based on one single event.

Yesterday your site was down too, but that’s because you deactivated your own account. That also makes your site appear as “suspended”. But if you ask us to take down your website, then you can’t be angry at us that we take down your website.

Which resource did it say you exceeded exactly?

1 GB daily usage of what? Disk space? Bandwidth? Memory? And is that metric also what triggered your suspension?

Just because one metric you do understand is fine does not mean that another metric you don’t understand must be fine too. And even if you don’t know what an “Entry Process” or a “CPU” is, then “usage line approaches or exceeds limit line” should be enough indication that something is happening.

Just because you don’t understand a metric or limit doesn’t mean it must be fake.


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