Suspended Website

all i have tried to get my site back but what their answer is not helping at all.

What did they say?

my site has been hosted here since 2018 and it has always been running fine since i posted a complaint of mine here and it immediately suspends my site, it is very very annoying with unhelpful and inhuman answers

What kind of content did you upload/post/make available?


.html files and their supporting extensions such as css, js, images folders do not have .php file elements but are suspended :joy:

But what was the names of all of those files and the general gist of the contents? You seemed to avoid my question.


The file extensions don’t make a difference. The names, and what they contain do.


the name is just index.html and even then only one and the contents are also a simple blank page, just a simple text and css element that I made

You avoided my question again! What did the text say? Can you share the file path (containing all folder names)?


Same like this, just only simple a website but why website is suspended?

Note: this capture was taken from my vps

I’m sorry if telling stories all this time can restore my site, if there is no result then I can’t reply because it doesn’t work, so I just tell other users that be careful in linking their website link to this forum if you don’t want to have problems what I’m dealing with

That still does not answer the question.

What was the content on the website?

If you don’t want to answer, fine.

In any case, please stop posting things that are not true. Accounts are not suspended because a URL was posted on this forum, they are suspended for violating the rules.


There is no content, just notification display content like that, I’ve already described how my site looks like that

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