Suspended Website

Hi, can you help me to see why my account (epiz_31121671 is suspended.


That screenshot proves nothing. Can you please share the suspension reason? It can be found in the control panel.


Thanks for quick reply,

I can’t access control panel

can I send you details different way?
I can give you password of the account, it is for teaching at the university, nothing commercial or confidential.

I see you’ve opened a support ticket already. What did they tell you is the reason there?


Ah, apologies for that, it was a typo. I meant “Client Area”.

The screenshot is enough, I don’t need account access. Since you were given access to a support ticket, that is your best way to get assistance. If you don’t understand support’s response, you can post it here.


I received a spam mail with short explanation …“Rental based content are not allowed on free hosting.”…
but it is not visible under ticket

Can I get backup of data (files and db)

if you are eligible, they will reply with would you like a backup?.


Issue was that one student created project for Car renting, while renting content is not allowed, account is reactivated now.

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