Suspended Website

I was quietly making my website until after I left, I saw that it was suspended… and it’s hardly a common site, it doesn’t upload anything to the mysql database, the only thing I did was use wordpress in a totally common way and I was suspended for 24 hours…
I want to know how much I made of the performance that infinityfree has…
because if that is the limit, I am thinking of making my own host with my router…

My account username is: epiz_31639073

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Is there any indication of why the website was suspended ?

Check your account status here Login to your account - InfinityFree , you may have received an email with some information about the suspension too


Please check the client area and it will tell you why your account was suspended.


For everyone else: the account is suspended for MySQL overloading. It was implied with the speculation regarding databases, but it should have been stated explicitly.

WordPress also uses a database. And it’s not that difficult to overload a database server with WordPress, depending on what you do with it. And “totally common things” could be anything.


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