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epiz_31426689 I would just like my website back please as I pay for that website fusion - host. Co. UK I need to set the rest of my server and I can’t wait 2 weeks 2 months when I’m paying for it… I hope you can sort this thank you


If you were temporarily suspended, you account will be back online in 24 hours. Otherwise, if you were permanently suspended, please open a ticket in the client area. No one on this forum is able to help you.


No I removeed my website… And they removed the ticket system for none payment customers so this is the only place I can come to I just want infinity to see what I’m saying give me my website back so I can use it that’s all there was nothing uploaded to the site so there is no violation so it should be faster…

Write clearly if you want help. So tell me:

  • If your website hosted on an active infinity free account or was it deleted?
  • Did you get a backup from your previous host?
  • Did you change your nameservers to those of infinityfree?
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So you upgraded to premium? Follow this guide:

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