is suddenly redirecting to, despite me having changed nothing on the site or setting in a while. My account is still active, so reading up on things suggests a setting is awry:

Any suggestions?

Same here, is it some global issue?

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Same here, is it some global issue? I need my site online…

whats going on mine too has been suspended…all my domains

I think the hosting account on iFastNet for has been suspended

Hi. I have the same problem.

My website is:

I can’t access to my fpt in too.

What can i do?

1 Like my is suspendet to :confused: i hope admin gonna fix it this problem soon

i do have some problem. is it no longer free?


Many users have been experiencing this issue, myself included. We are working on getting additional information about this. I have reached out to people that may know the anwser, and am waiting on a reply.

Please reply to this topic with your hosting volume and hosting IP.

Multiple posts and spam posts will be flagged and removed.

Thank you for your understanding.



same problem for me:

hosting ip:
hosting volume: vol7_7

Thank you


Volume vol14_2

Same here
Hosting IP:
Hosting volume: vol6_2

I’m having the problem too, and the timing could not be worse. I hope this can be fixed by tomorrow as I’m giving a presentation involving this website and it has been working fine the whole semester, lmao.

Hosting Volume: vol9_1
Hosting IP:

Same here,

hosting ip:
hosting volume: vol5_1

At this point, I am really just looking for patterns so I can better assist the rest of the team. It looks to be completely random right now.

Unfortunately, this is not a good time for my website hosted here to be suspended, as I had made some time to do testing on it today. Oh well.

Does FTP work for you by any chance?



FTP works fine with FileZilla but when using the built in MonstaFTP I just get “Error! Could not read line from socket”

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Monsta FTP does not work but FileZilla works.

Not a good time for me either, was just about to make an update to my site :slightly_frowning_face:

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FTP works fine with FileZilla