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IDK how can I answer this!

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In the morning I said I can’t access, so I change the domain to In the afternoon I change it back bacause I can access again, but only about ten minutes later my browser told me connection reset. Then I configured a CNAME record from to (this record has been deleted), and when I try to visit, I was redirected to

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And now everything is just OK again!
What a _________ problem!?

And connection reset again

I’m already changing the domain now…

In fact, I forgot to say something…
after the ‘period’ of connection reset, I was redirect t a ad site, and then I set the record

they no suspend for no reason!

I can’t understand…
do you mean ‘they won’t’ or ‘thay shouldn’t’?

i mean they have database problems

This is not the first time I was affected by this sort of problems in fact

that’s why i’m a bit angry when i was complaining about this…

Please don’t keep changing your domain name. Whenever you do that, the entire internet, has to propagate the changes, which can take 72 hours. So each time you change the domain name, it’s going to take 72 hours from that point to when the domain starts working.

Both domain names are working perfectly fine for me. The great-site one shows a “we have moved” message, and the likesyou site has actual content.

Please wait for DNS propagation (72 hours), and if you are still having trouble after that period, let us know. And don’t change the domain name again to ‘fix’ anything, since it will just make that waiting period longer.


I’m using both of these two domains now, I’m moving my site within these two domains by moving files. Personally I think this won’t affect the DNS server…

Still like this

I can’t visit the one, but the one is ok

Both sites working fine for me.
When you made changes in domains it will some time for update all over the world.
It is called DNS propagation and no one can estimate the time for that process. Usually as an average time is 72 hours.
So instead of raising query u can wait minimum 72 hours.

Once you create a domain before showing your actual site it will show ads unfortunatly you had adblocker so it showing adsblocked error for you during the ads showing period.
If you turned off your adblocker then also it show ads only not your site till the propagation over!


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