Suspended Website and Daily Usage Question

Hello, I’m new here and my website is suspended after 24 hours will it be ok?
and can I put images text again on the website? the last question is the daily usage get reset so I can put image and text again. Thank you for this

It’s called Daily Usage, so yes, it’s reset every day. And since your account is suspended for a day, when the account is reactivated, all the usage counters will be zero again.


Thank You for the info btw the 24hours deactivated my account is done and after that it said Your account will be reactivated automatically in less than an hour from now. will my account be okay again?

It says that your account will be reactivated automatically in less than an hour. So yes, in less than an hour, it will automatically be OK again.

Maybe this is hard to believe, but we actually try to name things in a way that’s sensible and conveys information about how they work. Daily limits are daily and less than an hour is less than an hour.


Thank you very much this community is so good

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