Suspended now leaving

ALL my sites that have been running smoothly for years have now been suspended
So im now forced to leave and transfer to another Free company

No wonder the 1STAR -TRUSPILOT reviews are increasing
for IF
I might as well add my review there too, to save others from this STUPID SYSTEM.

Why was your account suspended? Check-in your client area for the reason.

Best of luck!

Not actually, many people are liking this service instead!

Please do, we love feedback!

The stupid system is what protected your data for ‘years’

I have visited your site before, and it was indeed violating the Terms of Service. Sorry this happened ti you, but make sure you read and follow the rules!

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Judging by the fact that your account got reactivated 5 minutes after you asked for it to be reactivated, being “forced to leave” is a bit of a stress. If we wanted you to leave, we’d have told you that in the ticket and given you backups instead of your account back.

As you learned in the ticket, the problem was that your email address was considered disposable. I don’t quite understand why, because is a reputable provider as far as I know.

If you want to write a review about this, I can’t stop you. But I would like to ask you take your entire time with us into consideration, and not base your review exclusively on one recent mistake we made.


Curious, what is the content of the website