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My website was suspended suddenly. I have files that I have not backed up and I need to access them urgently I have requested support, but I don’t know how long they will return, is there anything else I can do?


If the suspension is temporary, it will say in the Client Area what your website has been suspended for. If it is temporary, then your site will be reactivated automatically in 24 hours.

If it was an abuse/permanent suspension, then you will need to submit a support ticket, and depending on why it was permanently suspended, will decide whether you get your files back or not.


Yes, it looks like permanently suspended, but I just tried something about Instagram APIs, and there is no phising. I also had project files in subdomains, they are very important, I was writing a job tracking system for me. I was working here for a long time because the local server was not working properly. I hope I can retrieve those files and the database, otherwise all my efforts will go to waste.

Ticket status changed to Pending at November 9, 2020, 3:49 am

Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.

What does it mean?

You cannot host APIs on this Hosting. If you have submitted a ticket, you should be able to request your files.


I checked the tickets and see backups were issued. So do you need any further help?


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