Suspended for MySql Database usage limit

Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits

My question is, what is the exact limit of posting on wordpress. I think i posted 15-20 posts without stopping just before i got suspended. What do i have to do so my website wont get suspended again? Also, i can’t purchase the premium version for now even if i want :confused:

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Themes, plugins???

You can


Obvious. It’s too much at a time for the server to handle the post var load.


There is no fixed limit on MySQL usage. Please see the article about it for more information:


Not really, I am 17 and i dont have any credit card or something like that at the moment

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other payment methods do work…


If you cannot pay for premium, you just have to wait out the suspension and reduce your SQL usage.


How can I reduce my sql usage?

I have a similar number of posts but I posted them one by one or few at an time

Usually, high MySQL usage is caused by poorly coded plugins or themes generating bad queries. The amount of content on your site generally shouldn’t be an issue.


I have only 20 plugins installed but I noticed there were lots of bot accounts

it might be the reason for nysql server overlord

I have cloudflare enabled, how is this still possible?

more than expected on free hosting ^^

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I could further reduce the number of plugins I have installed but I can’t reduce it to lower than 18, those plugins are key to core function of site

IDK what to say but. I suggest you move to premium hosting. Since such suspensions will be more frequent as your subscriber count increases

don’t want to waste my money. plus I want site to be a blueprint anyone can use. and the max number of people I have planned to visit my site is 100

so is this for some design testing purpose? Ig then you can live with suspensions!

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it’s meant to act an replacement for disqus channels since I found reddit lacking in few areas

also I heard there were bots raid/attacks on site as of recently

Sorry, but that will never happen. Whether you like it or not, bots are going to visit your site. And every logged in user will be running more and more SQL tasks. And many bots will consistently reload pages, using even more data.

I would delete the caching plugin and use Cloudflare instead. And turn on bot fight mode with Cloudflare as well.