Suspended for hours

Hi Team,

I have hosted my 3 websites on infinity free and whenever i login or try to access website it says suspended for this much hours.
i am not even able to login to dashboard of website because all time it says suspended.
It is new website and no traffic with only blog theme.
Are you providing this hosting for free or just wasting people’s time because i am not able to access any website any time.
Either have some good resource or do not allow people to put websites on infinityfree.

What did you mean by Dashboard? You can’t access any page of your site while suspended. Why was it suspended? You can find it when you login to the cPanel. For how much time it was suspended? The resources are enough unless you are in such a hurry that you try to do a week’s work in one day. That’s what happened to me. :frowning_face: sad!


You are attempting to login to the cPanel (, this will not work, since your account is suspended. You will need to login to the client area ( and open a ticket for your suspension, where Infinityfree Staff will be able to assist you.


It doesn’t just say “suspended for X hours”, it also says why your website is suspended, including a link which explains more about what this limit means.

For your convenience, this article explains the limit you hit:

This paragraph explains how a site with “no traffic” can hit the CPU limit while using Cloudflare:

And this paragraph explains why a new website can hit the CPU limit too:

You see, we do actually provide great resources to learn more about how our service works and why some issues can happen. It’s a long article, I know, but reading it is definitely not a waste of your time.


Does Caching from Cloudfone could help the CPU limit to prevent? Tnx!!

Conceptually, Cloudflare shouldn’t affect CPU usage much. Cloudflare caches static files, like stylesheets, scripts and images. Those don’t cost CPU usage. Only PHP scripts do that. And Cloudflare doesn’t cache your PHP scripts.

But practically, it’s not so clear. There is a reason the “My website doesn’t have any traffic” section talks about Cloudflare so much: seemingly every time someone comes and says “my website was suspended but doesn’t have traffic”, they are using Cloudflare. My hypothesis is that Cloudflare just isn’t as good at stopping bots as our system is. But that’s a hypothesis.


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