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suspended for abuse

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i was just unsuspended for hits limit and now im suspened for abuse. i’m getting sick of this host

You know as well as the rest of us that we can’t help you here.

Use the ticket option in the client panel


i have, however this is driving me mad

Remember that automated systems are used.

Sure, it’s frustrating, but stay calm, be polite, and submit a ticket to get it sorted out


automated systems to spam my email

“All control panel functions have been restored”

have they now? :thinking:

You got suspended once due to hit limit being reached. But you got suspended again but this time permanently. As Greenreader said, submit a ticket and wait for a response.


I am permanently suspended, yes.


Once you go beyond 800k per month it’s permanent suspension


rip, luckily i am on a new host already


This is precisely the reason I opted for a paid hosting account with iFastNet. I kept getting suspended for nothing more than just uploading files using fileZilla. The infinity anti-fraud system kept flagging my upload activity as spamming, and all I was doing was refreshing files already on they’re server. It got to be too frustrating with the constant suspensions and the lame apologies that followed.

My advice to you is get a paid hosting account on iFastNet for a little over 40 bucks a year that comes without all the limitations of free hosting accounts.

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