Suspended for abuse! Why?

I had deactivated all accounts except for Cude.
I last accessed the Cude at about 12:30 PM IST and at 1, I received emails that my all accounts got suspended (even which I had deactivated a long time ago).
All the accounts got activated and got suspended automatically.
As per InfinityFree, I can’t create accounts more than 3, but I now have 12 suspended accounts. How?

I didn’t even put a single abusive content on Cude, nor on any other accounts. I mostly created accounts for testing purposes only and deleted all databases and domains from them and deactivated all of them. Cude is the only account that I thought I should keep.

@Admin, Please do something about it.

I am sharing some screenshots for better understanding.

I don’t know why screenshots got automatically deleted. I am sharing screenshots again.

It again got deleted. I don’t know why.

Please create a support ticket.


I already did. But it said that it is caused due to a file which I had deleted half an hour before my account got suspended.

screenshot please?

I already uploaded but the InfinityFree automatically deletes it.

screenshot from support ticket please,

It automatically gets deleted

Here are the links of screenshots…
Sorry for sharing external links but I had no choice because InfinityFre was deleting my screenshots.

You violated TOS

I had deactivated all accounts but it automatically got activated and then suspended.

hmmm…u gotta wait then

Its impossible to create 12 accounts. But then also, there are 12.
This proves that I had deactivated accounts which got automatically reactivated and then all got suspended.

you can want them to reactivate your accounts then deactivate them.

Hmm, this seems interesting, but I have never seen a person with 12 active accounts, it might be an error with the mofh api or due to you. So please wait for Admin

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Yeah, its better to wait for @Admin

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@Admin Please help.

pinging him is useless, he disabled notifs, so wait for him to come online(he is very busy with his irl work)