Suspended due to high CPU usage

My account was suspended due to high CPU usage.
The website is not live to the public yet as I an still designing it. I have installed WordPress and a few plugins, I think the high CPU usage occures during the plugin instalation. Is there a way for find out what is causing the high CPU usage?

Why don’t you just throttle the CPU?

@cryptomineruk said:
Is there a way for find out what is causing the high CPU usage?

Beyond trial and error, and some common sense, not really. I don’t know of any tools which can provide in-depth analysis of CPU usage. Or, at least, tools you could reasonably load on a live website without overloading the server and dramatically slowing a website.

@cryptomineruk said:
Why don’t you just throttle the CPU?

Because our system is much better. If we’d just throttle the CPU usage, then any sort of CPU usage spike (e.g. a plugin installation) would cause your website to throw up errors. Our system allows you to temporarily use more CPU power, which is useful if you website doesn’t have equal load 24/7.

And since we provide free hosting, the limits need to be fairly low to keep it viable for us, and setting throttling limits so low would make the hosting practically unusable.

I do plan to migrate to a paid service around 1st December, but I want to create a website first, not being able to test a website before it goes live is like to make me go to another provider.

I think the spike was during a plugin installation as I was installing a few to see which one would work. Maybe if I install 1 or 2 plugins per hour.

Yes, I understand cryptominruk’s frustration and concern about not being able to test a website before going live. My free website was suspended yesterday due to my testing. Which, in reality, wasn’t that much. I didn’t use WordPress either, used a PHP script.
Really, not much CPU usage is available here to do anything worthwhile.

Now that my 24 hour ban is over I want to tweak the database but I see this message.

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

I’ve tried a different browser and it’s still the same

I don’t know what browser you are using but hope this helps: How to clear cookies + cache in every browser – Norton