Suspended domains

Usernames epiz_31303952(already deactivated),epiz_31291081(will become active from suspended mode,but I don’t want to continue,will deactivate)

I would suggest you to give the user at least 2-3 days of usage before suspending the account for high usage reasons.Also,there were prompts in wordpress but I did not realize the after effects that it will be shown in suspended mode and redirecting.All of your emails regarding it went to the junk as well.

Error Message

The deactivated account for epiz_31303952 still shows the suspended mode Special offer and Discount Coupon)

Other Information

Please take steps to restore my websites from the suspended mode.I hope that this will only seen by hosting customer service team,as I don’t want to post this message in public forum.


Wouldn’t be fair along. This is free hosting, your responsibility to take backups.

Why was your account suspended, please share the reason here from the client area.

@Greenreader9 or @Oxy , please hide the mobile number shared by @arunravi1 , thanks!

Hi @jaikrishna.t please note that its a suggestion.
I am aware that I am using the free account -I used it for testing and its temporary to see if it fits.Backup is not an issue for the time being at least for me.
The real issue is that I don’t want my domain to be redirected to suspended domain link.I have deactivated epiz_31303952(which I did not use also-just created an SSL-that also revoked) already and its being redirected to suspended when I visit it on my desktop now also( Special offer and Discount Coupon).I checked in my mobile and its not being redirected.
I will deactivate the other one also epiz_31291081.
The crux of the matter is that if user deactivate account please provide a solution that it does not get redirected to suspended link.Its creates really a bad impression.You might argue that you have taken for free and why you are saying all these-no people like me are not experts,“I just wanted to try it out”-and if it worked I could have opted for it-"it doesnt work for me -and now its like being held hostage.Thats all.God bless.

Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

Please remove the redirects to suspended if its being redirected …Sorry if I don’t understand the nomenclature as to how it actually works.I don’t want to continue.regards,Arun

Well yes, when you deactivate an account, it is removed from the system. So if you try to visit the site, and the system cannot find it (Because you deactivated it), it shows the suspended page. If you don’t want this page to show, don’t deactivate the account until 72 hours have passed since you connected the domain else-ware.

What should happen instead? It cannot show your website because you deactivated it. Just don’t deactivate the account and this will not happen.

It looks like your account was suspended for 24 hours based on the text you shared, so the suspended page will go away when that time is up.


If you don’t want this page to show, don’t deactivate the account until 72 hours have passed since you connected the domain else-ware. This is what I wanted.

What should happen instead?Please be courteous while replying.

I can understand how it makes sense in your situation.

But consider this situation: what if someone spends the first few days building their website and everything is working great, and then they open up their site for real visitors and it gets shut down immediately because the “unlimited trial” is over, because they were exceeding the limits all the time already but weren’t aware.

Many people would be angry and feel like we did a bait and switch, which would have some merit depending on how this “unlimited trial” would be communicated.

Instead, we purposely went for the simple and fair option: every account has the same limits. Nobody gets less or more than others, no matter what you’re using the hosting for or how long you’ve been using it.

Just hit the “Reactivate Now” button in the client area to bring your account back up. That way, your old site will be shown to people who haven’t started to connect to your new hosting provider.

After three days, pretty much everyone should be connecting to your new hosting provider, and it’s safe to shut down the old account.

And some advice any time you’re moving between hosting providers: whenever possible, try to keep the old service online for a few days after setting up the new service and switching your domain’s DNS. DNS changes can take a few days to be visible everywhere, so some people will still connect to your previous hosting provider until their DNS cache is updated and they move over to the new hosting. By keeping the old service up, you can show them your website, or at least your own maintenance page to notify your visitors about the migration.


Wow that’s clear.Thank you for your assistance.Will do that.Regards,Arun

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