Suspended domain

when trying to access my domain I am directed to suspendeddomain. But I did not exceed memory space and I believe I have not violated the system, can you help me to solve this problem?


We can’t really help you if you don’t tell us what domain you are having an issue with. Also, the informal category clearly states that it is not for informal requests. I’ve updated it for you this time, but you post will probably just be deleted next time.


my domain when I try to access it I am directed to a page and when I enter infinityfree it says that my account has been suspended but I don’t see an error, how do I solve it?

I apologize for the wrong means of communication

when I try to access my domain it redirects me to this page that I don’t know and infinityfree says that my account has been suspended, but I can’t find out the details of this error


I don’t see the reason for the suspension, how can I check? and is it possible to request revision or reopening?


Try reuploading the image.

Seeing how you are using CloudFlare and you believe that you didn’t see a reason, it is also possible that your domain is pointing to some wrong IP.

Only if you find the reason was “abuse”.
If it is this reason, you can create support tickets in your client area to ask for investigation and reactivation.


If you exceed your daily limit, your hosting will temporarily stay suspended up to 24 hours. Just waite patiently and optimize your website soon.

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on my domain site it says everything is OK, the ip is right, I entered cloudflare and everything is also right, no error appears, but when I enter infinityfree this error appears and when I click on open ticket it forwards me to the page home there I can’t do anything. is there another way to find out what the error is?

but in infinityfree the memory and limit issues are ok and it has already exceeded 24 hours, this has been happening for 4 days

Please screenshot.

Your last screenshot didn’t upload successfully.


What is your domain?

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