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Hello, I have upgraded my domain to ifastnet and super premium plan. I have been using wordpress normaly for a couple of days and my domain got suspended today by infinityfree. How if that possible? could you please help solving this problem.

If you upgraded your account, there is no business here. You should contact iFastNet support now.


Just ignore your free account. Your files, data, and domains are now connected to your new one with iFastNet.

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now when I try to open my website it says ’ This site can’t be reached’. I don’t understand what is going on. is there any specific actions I should’ve done after paying the upgrade hosting plan?

I tried but it says there’s no support department, how am I supposed to contact them?

Go to and they should help you.

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The portal is not working I tried to login several times. I don’t know what kind of service is that!!!

You might have to click “Register” and then log in again. They do have that problem, however this is not iFastNet’s forum. iFastNet’s forum is at

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I know, I wrote here because I have received the suspension email from infinityfree

Please see what @Greenreader9 said in post #3 and post #11. Because you upgraded, you can safely ignore the email.

If you have premium, ignore your IF account!!! The only account that matters is your iFastNet one.


okay thanks

If chrome says “This site cannot be reached” there is a small text at the bottom saying something like “HTTP ERROR 404” or something like that. What is it?

The error message does not need to be fixed since the OP has migrated to premium. Please read the topic before posting.

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