Suspended domain

I have been suspended. account for no reason whatsoever, I don’t think I have infringed the terms and conditions of infinity, and I see that the same thing happens to many people, what is happening and I need my web

There can be many reasons for the suspension of your site. If you site is getting suspended on daily basis than your site might have reached it’s daily limits.

You can check suspension reason from client area of your site.

Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse
and it is the first time that I have been suspended

Are you sure that you haven’t Abused?

So, probably your account might be suspended due to daily limits.

Also, I have seen many posts today about the suspension of account so if you think that you don’t have many visitors and your account can’t reach daily limits then try opening ticket.

There might be some problems with the abuse detection system in free hosting. (Not Sure)


I am too suspecting the abuse system(coz it is suspending innocent users)


but if I had checked it before it was suspended, and my limits. They did not even reach 50%, it is more infinity always sends notices of high use and does not send me anything


Pls submit request ticket. It could be false positive. I had my account activated…


I didn’t see it, my host never went over 50%

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That is an automatic system and no one can track why your site is using high resources.
You have to check on your end by deactivating Wordpress plugins.

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I have already done it

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I don’t use WordPress, that consumes a lot of resources

Then whatever CMS you use you have to track down on your end that why your site uses high resources.

my website doesn’t even use 50% x2 and I don’t use any cms

Then what you use?

Ok, try opening ticket for suspension that might be due to false abuse detection.

I use a super light php project, I have had it for more than a month and it has not given me problems so far I already saw the ticket, “I knock hard on the door, but I don’t get an answer”

Just wait for reply because they can help you.

Ain’t PHP projects are considered CMS? I mean you can manage contents on it and CMS stands for content management system so it is basically a CMS.

oh … sorry I’m a newbie in these things …

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ok my website started and everything but now I have another problem Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ‘epiz_26891410’@‘’ (using password: YES)

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