Suspended domain

Hi, my website has been showing the “suspended domain” message for the past couple of days. and I’m 100% sure this isn’t caused by cpu limits.
I’ve noticed others had somewhat of a similar problem but not completely similar, is this caused by the outage?

Hello there,

Have you already checked out this Knowledge Base article?


same as mine I created my first website here just this day and was about installing a website software prepared but it was suspended suddenly and the issue written is about limits?? whats the problem with this free hosting…

yes I did check it, and my situation wasn’t mentioned there. Screenshot_20200601-135103_Chrome as you can see in thus picture the domain isn’t actually suspended, but I’m still getting redirected to

So… did you check the article that @UnknownLolz linked to? Did you check the FULL article to see if ANY of the reasons apply to your domain?

Spoiler alert: there are many situations in which your domain may redirect to It doesn’t always mean that a hosting account is suspended.


Yes i checked every single one of the reasons, and non of them mentioned my problem

Then what’s your domain name?


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